The phoenix named J’PURA FLAMES was born to full fill the most wanted  requirement of all the students in university of Sri Jayewardenepura in the year 2013 march 30th. First  this became the platform to create the awareness about SLUG 2013 to the university crowd. The awareness & the crowd support created by flames gave a great pull for J’PURA to become the overall 3rd place winner in SLUG 2013. Then after the SLUG 2013 flames took the initiative in university arena to be the news provider of USJP to the whole world. J’pura flames became the common platform for all the events organized by the students of University of Sri Jayewardenepura. J’pura flames made a huge awakening  among the university crowd as well as general public. Promoting the university & inspiring the university students became the sole goal of Flamians. All the functions are run & managed by the students of USJP from all the faculties & this is the only organization in the university that includes members from all the faculties.  Covering almost all the events that is within Flames scope,  there are more than hundred dynamic members in the flames family.

Flames pride-


2013 pride

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