Flames Night – Annual General Meeting and Get-together

Flames Night – Annual General Meeting and Get-together


The annual general meeting and get-together of J’pura flames was held on April 08, 2016 at the University premises. The event was titled as “The Rise of the Phoenix” to denote the appointment of the new committee members (also known as the ‘Pride’) for the year 2016/2017.

The occasion commenced at 06.30p.m. with the lighting of the traditional oil lamp by the Head of the IT department, Mr. Shantha Puhulwella and the fellow members of the J’pura Flames family. A mesmerizing musical item performed by Arosha Mihiran added more colour to the night along with the dazzling decorations that brightened up the environment.

The former president, Udara Dahanayaka presided the annual general meeting announcing the new pride which consisted of Daraka Chiranjaya (Phoenix/President), Chamika Perera (Secretary/Kerke), Christy Rogers (Nimbus/VP Photography and treasurer), Ginuka Rajapaksha (Gold Anka/VP Graphics and IT), Tharani Sooriyaarachchi (Scarlet Anka/VP Human resources), Lakshina Witharana (Silver Anka/Asst. Photography and  VP Marketing), Arosha Mihiran (Silver Anka/Asst. Photography and VP Marketing), Pamudini Abeysekara (Jnr. Kerke/Asst. Secretary and VP Marketing) and Buminda Jayasuriya (Jnr. Kerke/Asst. Secretary and VP Marketing). The AGM was concluded with the reading of minutes by the former secretary Chinthaka Galappaththi.

The most important item of the evening was the celebration of the 3rd year anniversary of J’pura flames which inaugurated on March 28, 2013. A cake was served as the members proudly rejoiced the end of a successful year and the beginning of yet another. Consequently, dinner was enjoyed by all the participants, after which, the evening approached to an end with music and dancing. The vibrant smiles and laughter witnessed, from meeting fellow brothers and sisters, generated a powerful dynamism in the atmosphere, dissolving the exhaustion, even though the event was closing towards midnight. Those vibrant smiles and laughter will keep the family going on for yet another year and, until next time, may the legend of the phoenix grow stronger.