From Caterpillars to Butterflies!

From Caterpillars to Butterflies!



All who engage in sports and games fight with the aim of gaining victory no matter how hard it might be when they go the field. They sacrifice their time and energy in their journey towards victory. They journey not through a bed of roses but through a bed of cactuses. Just like an ugly and disgusting caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly all their bitter moments turn into endless joy in the end with a victory. Here is the story of such a group of caterpillars who turned into butterflies with their historical victory.

As it is known crystal clearly by everyone in the university world, the annual battle of sports or the Inter University Games took place in different places in the island with nail biting moments during the past few months. It ended on the 30th of September with University of Sri Jayewardenepura securing the crown of the games for the third consecutive time followed by the University of Colombo and the University of Moratuwa as the First and Second Runners up respectively.

This time also both our sportsmen and women bagged the crowns of both Men and Women categories like in 2015 proving again the famous saying “History Repeats.” As mentioned above the journey these sons and daughters of Mother Japura had to travel to reach this high was indeed a bed of cactuses. Sometimes they failed. They were let down. They were desperate. Yet they never gave up till the end teaching everyone if one has courage, willpower and determination the intangible becomes tangible.

Today as they have achieved honour and glory we thank our Vice-Chancellor Professor Sampath Amaratunga, all the coaches, the Sports Council, the Physical Education Department, lecturers, students and the non-academic staff for their immense support given to our heroes and heroines in reaching this historical win. Last but not least it is with heartfelt gratitude we thank all who cheered with words and rounds of clauses in each instance our heroes and heroines went into the battlefield. Most of all thank you everyone for having confidence in our sportsmen and women even if they were at a failing position for it was that confidence and your words of encouragement and motivation that took our heroes and heroines this far.

Dear heroic sportsmen and Women, we convey our heartfelt, warm wishes to all of you on acquiring this diamond of historical victory. Your sweat and hours of tireless moments have now rewarded you now.You have done it and proved you are even much stronger than the morning star. You have made yourselves, your parents and Mother Japura proud so much that words are not enough to wish you and to praise you. As you have now become butterflies from caterpillars may all around you see your real beauty and be mesmerized by it!

All Glory to the re-crowned Kings and Queens of the land of State University Sports!

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