Giving wings to their dreams…

Giving wings to their dreams…


All of us have dreams for our future. Many people dream big, failing to see the reality of life, unable to identify their own selves and what they are actually capable of. The only way to change this is through building individuals who can think with an open mind.

Inspired by this idea, ‘Sihina’, a community service project based on a novel concept was initiated by the Students’ Union of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of University of Sri Jayawardenepura. This humane mission is carried out for the betterment of the young generation, with the aim of giving new hope to their dreams and wishes, and helping them set life goals which are achievable through realistic dreams.

In line with its objectives, the project is named ‘Sihina’ meaning ‘dreams’. At the end of seven successful workshops, ‘Sihina’ has been able to influence thousands of schoolchildren to change their lives in a positive way.

In today’s society we see children who live carefree lives, taking their parents’ love and affection for granted. Through ‘Sihina’, an effort was made to inculcate the value of parents and the importance of listening to them in the minds of such children. According to the organizers, their effort has been successful, which is evident from the many positive comments received.

Through the project students are advised on how to make right decisions and face challenges in life, along the journey to achieving their life goals. Another area addressed through ‘Sihina’ is teenage love and its consequences. Further, the importance of secondary and tertiary education and professional qualifications in gaining prospective employment opportunities is embedded in the young minds.

The number of invitations received from other schools requesting the programme to be held in those schools as well, proves the popularity it has gained within a short period of just two years. The service rendered by the project in building individuals who love themselves, their parents and their country is commendable.

The team of ‘Sihina’ is happy with the success of the project, and is enthusiastic about being able to give something back to the society in their capacity. We wish them all the strength to continue their good work.