It’s something more than ruck and maul

It’s something more than ruck and maul


It’s high time for crowded audiences, and our strong lions to step into the arena, where they are going to show that it’s not about how hard you get hit, but how hard you get hit and move forward to your goal.

After a lapse of four years, again it’s time for the big event – Sri Lanka University Games (SLUG), and it’s time to fuel up fires of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura Rugby team with our warm wishes. They have always stood strong, never less than the rest of the competitors, given a power play each time they get on the field, stunning the audience as well as their fellow competitors. The team was placed 4th at the Inter-University Games last year, which promises a lot at the upcoming SLUG.

I would like to put Rugby simply as a game beyond ruck and maul. It’s a beautiful game that requires enormous strength, energy with high speed, and team effort where each player fights for some space for the support runner, the beauty which lies with the agility, persistence and creativity, a game which makes you lose yourself whenever you put your interest into it. We believe our players have got all it takes to reach the top in the game, and wish them all the courage on their way to victory.

The strenuous practice sessions, wounds, scars, pulled up muscles and those hard push-ups are about to pay off as our lions roar out there, proving their strength. We wish them good luck and success throughout the league.