Lend Your Hand, Till their Dreams Come True

Lend Your Hand, Till their Dreams Come True



“The second star to the right, shines in the night for you,

To tell you that the dreams you have, really can come true!!”

                                                                        -Peter Pan-

Dreams!! When someone utters this word what comes to your mind in the first place? Is it the above quote from your favourite childhood movie? Is it the famous song of Abba “I have a dream”? Or do you remember the times when your great-grandma read out Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”? It could also be that one remote control car, a doll, a big house with luxuries or even treating your parents nicely one day. Look closely. Dreams could be different from person to a person. It is said that life is everything but a dream. Yet dreams can really become true, if one has the courage to pursue them.

Both you & me, we have our own dreams. People dream of the evil, and some believe in the good. We once dreamed of entering a state university of Sri Lanka. Now that we are undergraduates, we are believed to be crowned as the next working generation of our motherland. We are considered to be the brainy crowd who can make the society a better place. Leading the way, the undergraduates of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of University of Sri Jayawardenepura decided to lend a helping hand to the younger sisters and brothers.

“Dreams” or more familiarly ‘Sihina’ is a charity programme conducted by the Students’ Council of FAS with the participation of the undergraduates of the three batches. The 9th consecutive programme of ‘Sihina’ was carried out on the 22nd of June at Dharmaraja Vidyalaya, Hunuwala, Ratnapura. In other words ‘Sihina’ is the initial gift of the ‘Sip Sayura’ project where the school will be benefited with a duly equipped computer lab with 30 computers in September. Since computer literacy has become a life changing factor in the current world, having a sound knowledge of ICT is crucial for any school student.

In the school classes from grade 1 to grade 13 are held for more than 1000 students. Around 56 teachers are furnishing their knowledge to the students. Until now they didn’t have enough facilities to develop their computer literacy and they were very happy indeed to be gifted with a computer lab. ‘Sihina’ is a novel concept introduced to build the individuals who are capable of thinking beyond the frame. Most of the people fail to make their dreams about the future a reality, because they were not shown the correct path to follow. The objective is to give hope to their dreams and wishes, to help them achieve their life goals through realistic dreams.

With globalization, there are so many harmful aspects which may drive off the minds of young souls. Also, misbehaviour, taking parents for the granted is seen among children. ‘Sihina’ helps these kids to embrace the moral values and inspire them to take the right decisions, instruct them on how to face the challenges and the ways to overcome the obstacles. Teenagers tend to take improper, corrupted options when they fail to bear the consequences of teenage love. This is also addressed through ‘Sihina’ and the children are taught the importance of secondary and tertiary education. The no of invitations from schools all over the country prove that these programmes have influenced the students in many ways more than one and gained much popularity at the 9th milepost of successive sessions within three years.

At the end of this programme a Buddhist monk, who is also a graduate of our university, currently working as a teacher addressed the gathering and appreciated the effort of the Students’ Council giving the heartfelt blessings to the undergraduates.  While the youth of today’s society is following the bandwagon asking for unnumbered facilities from the government, the massive contribution to the well being of the society was highly admired. Upon the request of the school, some seminars for the O/L students will be organized in the near future.

Dreams aren’t just about sleep. They inhabit our waking worlds. Every invention, discovery, creative masterpiece and impossible accomplishment was once a dream. They are the common miracles that could come true, if treated properly. The team ‘Sihina’ are very enthusiastic about their projects and they are currently working hard on their upcoming dream to donate much pleasures and treasures to the society.

We at J’pura Flames would like to pay our sincere wishes and gratitude for this humane mission. Hats off to our very own brothers and sisters of the Students’ Council of FAS!!!