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Taekwondo,the National Sport of South Korea is one of the two Asian Martial Arts in the Olympic Games.Taekwondo is a part of South Korean Military training.The game needs a true spirit of sportsmanship to win through the hard challenges of the combat.At present,Taekwondo is practiced by many countries all over the word. This amazing weaponless,and self-defense sport is a remarkable challenge to all the players in the game.Concentration, The combat philosophy,self defense and physical fitness are the major areas of concern in Taekwondo cheap cialis .

Time has come to our players of Japura to show the achievements they made practising taekwondo;”The way of hand and foot” is attempt to achieve inorder to strengthen the character.
The inter-university Taekwondo matches will be held on 9th and 10th of September 2017 at the University of Ruhuna.
The team of players of Japura led by Captain Yasantha Isuru Pushpa Kumara will showcase their achievements by performing in the matches.A Taekwondo player is a person always inspired by the positive influence of the Martial Art itself.We have no doubt in their dedication towards victory since Martial Art is all about body and mind training that can strengthen an individual.
We pay our gratitude to the coach Mr.Pradeep Nandana Gamachige for his immense effort in raising the spirit of the team making them good players.
The proud players of Taekwondo of Japura,we have faith in you. You’ve done your best in practicing and making the game a life style.No wonder, the victory is yours…Go for it!!!