On a bright sunny day when the morning star was shining brightly in the eastern sky, a ship began to sail in the deep blue ocean. During its voyage, it was struck by many storms. The sky became gloomy with darkness everywhere. The captain went desperate but not for long as he had an amazing crew. This crew encouraged and poured strength to his heart with their words like glucose does for any sports person Cialis Online .

http://canadianonlinedrugspharmacy.com Days, weeks and months passed. The time came for the captain and his crew to hand over the wheel of this ship to a new captain and a new crew. They took over and the ship journeyed in the calm ocean waters. The captain turned and twisted the wheel to this side and that side when the waters were rough. No matter how ferocious the waves were the ship never sank.

online pharmacy Though captains and their crews changed, though the waters did everything they could to sink and hide it under the ocean waters, this ship still remains strong just like an oak tree.

This ship is nothing but J’PURA FLAMES! Flames began its journey in the waters of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura with Mr. Nilendra Sarathchandra and his crew Mr. Wathsala Karunathilaka, Mr. Rajindu Prabashwara and Mr. Harith Kosala on the 30th of March in the year 2013. Until today this ship has had three captains namely Mr. Nilendra Srathchandra, Mr. Rajindu Prabashwara, Mr. Udara Dahanayake and Mr. Daraka Chiranjaya.  All these captains together with their respective crews did their best in sailing this ship no matter whatever the circumstances were levitra .

Online Pharmacies Today as we mark the fourth year of our voyage we remember all our captains and crews with a heart of humble proudness and gratitude thanking them for all what they have done and are doing through their support and words. On this happy and very special day, we also remember our present captain Mr. Lakshina Withrana and his crew who are turning and twisting its wheel in each second no matter whether the waters are calm or rough without letting this ship to sink. We also remember with a heartful of gratitude our loving Shantha Puhulalla sir who provides us with the fuel with his words of encouragement and motivation to go ahead in our journey. We are indeed thankful to all the passengers: photographers, graphic designers and article writers for keeping your trust in the captain and his crew and giving your full support in all possible ways to take this ship in the correct path no matter whatever the circumstances are.


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