Wedikawen Mahapolowata වේදිකාවෙන් මහපොළොවට

Wedikawen Mahapolowata වේදිකාවෙන් මහපොළොවට


Students of University of Sri Jayewardenepura is now with a great expectation of taking the spring of Wedikawen Mahapolowata back to the university after 3 years of winter. This is the 13th episode of Wedikawen Mahapolowata short drama festival which will be started with a cultural march on 29th of September. The march will be followed by a series of activities like a cinema week, stage drama week, street drama week, we are Sri Lankan exhibition, Radical Notes musical program and etc.

Art is a living being who breaths with the effort of humans, who have hearts and brains. Art reflects the soul of world and it paves the way to discover humanity. As university students we have a responsibility to create a world with knowledge of humanity. Easiest way is to establish live art which is not to be auctioned off, but to be handed over with kindness upon the entire world. Lets hold hands together with the effort of Wedikawen Mahapolowata and get down to the earth from fantasy, where we are wandering to make a better art in order to make a better world.

Article Composed By Jayashani Randika

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