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Our Story

J’pura Flames is an independent media which is solely run by the student body of the university. At a mare five years of age, we are climbing the ladder of sports news reporting and is slowly, reaching the zenith.


The J’pura Flames was gifted to the university  by 4 initial founders;  Mr. Rajindu Prabhashwara, Mr. Nilendra Sarathchandra, Mr Wathsala Karunarathne, Mr. Harith Kosala on 30th March 2013,  


To uplift the university’s sports spirit and to become the leader in sports news reporting

One Year of Foundation

The first year, we started from the foundation to build our family’s name and pride, with the guidance of first presidents Mr. Nilendra Sarathchandra and Mr. Rajindu Prabhashwara. We started reporting inter university sports events, and other social and cultural events.

Two Years of Fostering

Mr. Udara Dahanayake , building on the base given by the former president, developed the family to a new level, to start reporting intra-university events as well.

Three Years of Stability

Mr. Daraka Chiranjaya , our third president, with the help of his flames family, stabilized the state to the point where we were a news reporting media accepted island wide.

Four Years of Triumph

Mr. Lakshina Witharana, our former president, spread the wings of Flames Phoenix wider, to make J’pura Flames a household name within university students.

Five Years of Prestige

Ms. Praneitha Anpalagan, our beloved present president, is taking the pride of Flames family to the crest with the help of her crew of article writers, photographers, editors, graphic designers, members of the human resources division and most importantly, YOU; our beloved readers.